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Latest tech events, meetups, and conferences in Amsterdam.

Launched 2023 | Active

Instant Rental Alerts – Email alerts for new rentals in the Netherlands!

Instant email alerts for new rentals in the Netherlands! Another addition to my One week build series: Building a SaaS product in 1 week.

Launched 2022 | Suspended

Balansify – Track your investments and savings

Get an easy overview of your finances, including funds, stocks, cash, property, loans and savings. The service is currently only available in Sweden as a closed beta. Sign-up to the waiting list to get access.

Launched 2021 | Active

EveryDayStocks – A simple visual stock screener

A simple visual stock screener

Launched 2020 | Experiment

Cafe and Cowork – Find places to work from

A curated collection of cafes and coworking spaces around the world. I started maintaining my own collection of “good places to work from” and eventually turned it into a website. Find the best places with power outlets and fast WiFi to work or study from. You can also find us on Instagram as @cafeandcowork and on GitHub.

Launched 2020 | Active

Skysense – Agricultural intelligence from drone images

Skysense helps you stop plant disease and weeds before the damage is done by providing agricultural intelligence from self-flying drones.

Launched 2019 | Active

OnTally – Create your own reward system

Simple and customizable. Invite users, give points, and offer rewards.

Launched 2019 | Active

Shinkansen – Check Shinkansen seat availability

While spending a lot of time in Tokyo I built a small tool to help me check seat availability on Shinkansen trains. During one trip to Japan I bought a 2 week rail pass and spent 2 weeks traveling all around Japan. I wanted a simple, quick, easy to use that let me regularly check seat availability on Shinkansen trains so that I could plan my (mostly last-minute) travel. JR offer their own tool (previously only in Japanese, but now available in English as well) called JR Cyber Station. My tool just makes it a little easier to refresh my past searches.

Launched 2018 | Active

AwardFares – Find & monitor award flight availability

The easiest way to find and monitor award flight availability across multiple frequent flyer programs. It started as a project to solve my own challanges that I faced while trying to figure out the best way to spend my airline miles. Today it has 1000+ customers and supports several different frequent flyer programs, with more on the way. Be sure to check out the blog as well.

Launched 2018 | Active

eyeCRM – A sales CRM for visually impaired

A CRM system built and designed specifically for the visually impaired. User-interface optimized for the visually impaired. Handle companies, people, deals, and campaigns. Web-based, works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Status and activity log. Collaborate with multiple users. Shortcuts for web, phone, and email links.

Launched 2017 | Active

Bikes – A simplified Malmö By Bike app

A small tool that let’s you easily check share bike availability in Malmö, Sweden. It also supports setting up favorite stations, making it easy to quickly check availability along your most used routes. I built it while regularly using Malmö By Bike to/from a coworking space I was using in Malmö.

Launched 2017 | Active

Paperworks – Save all your receipts with one click

All your receipts, invoices, and payments in one place. It was my first project built as a One Week Build and posted it on Product Hunt where it became the #1 Product of the Day. Unfortunately the project is currently not accepting new users/customers due to changes that Google have imposed on API access to Gmail, which currently requires spending $15,000 to $75,000 for a security assessment.

Launched 2016 | Active

Hyperbnb – Supercharge your Airbnb searches

Hyperbnb is a supercharged search for Airbnb listings. Features include more filters, sorting by reviews/rating, a computed “score”, and up to 300 listings at once. This project was also posted on Product Hunt and I also posted a One Week Build write up. Unfortunately the Airbnb endpoint I was using stopped working after a couple of years, so the app is currently suspended.

Launched 2016 | Suspended

Glance – Your metrics, in one place

Glance started out as an idea to create a unified “company dashboard”, including various metrics such as Google Analytics, Social Media, and Stripe. Eventually we also developed a Slack bot (glancebot) that would integrate with your workspace to provide real-time metrics. After quite a bit of effort we eventually decided to shelf the project, but later ended up selling it to a new owner.

Launched 2016 | Sold

BrowserFrame – Wrap screenshots in browser frames

The easiest way to wrap screenshots in browser frames. Supports multiple browsers, operating systems, and themes. It was my second One Week Build also shared on Product Hunt where it became the #3 Product of the Day. I use it myself all the time (even here to generate the project screenshots), and it gets a pretty decent amount of traffic.

Launched 2016 | Active

Unified Remote – The one-and-only remote for your computer

Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control. The goal was straight forward to create an easy solution in form of a remote app to controlling the programs on your computer through your smartphone. Today the app has nearly 10 million downloads worldwide, is rated among the top apps, and the numbers continue to grow!

Launched 2010 | Active


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