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Taipei Tips (Cafes, Food, Places)

November 29, 2023


There are so many fantastic, quirky, interesting cafes in Taipei. For a full list of all the spots I’ve visited, check out Cafe and Cowork.

Here’s just a small selection of some of my absolute favorites though:

巢 nido

Silent cafe

Truffles Living

Very quirky

Middle Name

Modern and nice


Very local and chill


Surf vibe


In no particular order:

永和豆漿 (many locations)

Simple but good Taiwanese breakfast chain. Definitely try Dan-Bing (蛋餅) and soy milk :)

Happy Dumpling

Good dumplings, I believe they have several locations So many other great dumpling spots in Taipei though, so just search for something near by!


My absolute favorite Vietnamese food in Taipei. Great lunch spot!


Tainan style milkfish porridge

Yong Kang Sliced Noodles

炸醬麵 (Zha Jiang Mian)

Ching Cheng Hainan Chicken Rice

The best chicken rice!


Good for groups, classic dishes, nice restaurant


Sichuan food (spicy!)

Chun Shui Tang (many locations)

Inventor of bubble tea. Tieguanyin milk tea is fantastic. Radish cake, chili oil dumplings, kung fu noodles, all delicious!

Din Tai Fung (many locations)

Classic, have to try real Taiwanese DTF (XLB, spicy sour soup, fried rice, vegetables, etc…)

Wulao Hot Pot

Delicious spicy hot pot

Dragon Restaurant

Best duck in town!

Orange Shabu

Fantastic crab hot pot (pricey)


Delicious authentic style dim sum restaurant

Dong Yi Pork Chop Main Store

Classic restaurant, delicious pork chop

Fuhang Soy Milk

Famous soy milk / breakfast shop


Good noodles, and fantastic braised food


Delicious fruit and tofu dessert


Some cool spots to check out:

  • Taipei 101
  • Daan Park
  • Xinyi Shopping District
  • Dongmen Yongkang Street
  • Zhongshan Area
  • Hushan Creative Park
  • Guang Hua Digital Plaza

Also check out Eric’s restaurant list here