SAS EuroBonus 101

November 01, 2018 · Travel · Flying · EuroBonus

Earn up to 18.000 points, when you sign up for a SAS American Express credit card. All cards are free during the first 3 months and can be cancelled at any time. See Offer


  1. Get a SAS EuroBonus account (completely free).
  2. Get a SAS EuroBonus Credit Card.
  3. Use your credit card to earn points.
  4. Use your points to book free flights.



EuroBonus is a Frequent Flyer Program (loyalty program) by SAS. As a EuroBonus member you earn points by flying with SAS and other partner airlines. You can also earn points by using a SAS branded credit card, booking cars, hotels, and more. You can then book flights using your points, which in general is very lucrative. Being a EuroBonus is completely free. There are no hidden costs. |Join EuroBonus](

Star Alliance (*A)

SAS is a member of Star Alliance. This means you can earn points and book award flights using other airlines than just SAS. For example: Singapore Airlines, Thai, ANA, Lufthansa, Swiss, United, Air Canada, and more. For a full list of partners and terms refer to the partner Earn and Spend lists.

Revenue / Award

In general, you can purchase flight tickets in two ways:

Travel Classes

With SAS there are 3 main Travel Classes:

Membership Levels

Your EuroBonus status determines the benefits you receive, such as upgrades, lounge access, business check-in, priority access, free luggage, point bonuses, and more. There are 4 main Membership Levels:


There are 2 types of points:

There are 2 ways to earn points:

For example, a round-trip between Copenhagen and Tokyo in Go earns you 4.800 Base Points counting towards your next status level AND 4.800 Extra Points that you can spend as you wish.

Note that you do not earn any points for award flights.

Qualification Period

You earn Base Points during your Qualification Period by flying. The Qualification Period is the 12 month period starting from the month that you signed up to EuroBonus.

For example, if you sign up to EuroBonus on September 15, 2018 then your Qualification Period is September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019. The next period after that will be September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2018 and so on…

Base Points

You earn Base Points by flying, and you always earn the same number of Base Points and Extra Points when flying. The number of points you earn depend on the destination and booking class. Typically the further you fly and the more you pay for your ticket the more you earn.

A round-trip to London earns 200 to 4.000 points
A round-trip to New York earns 400 to 18.000 points
A round-trip to Tokyo earns 600 to 24.000 points

Your Base Points reset during the start of every Qualification Period. Therefore, your status is determined by how much you fly during each Qualification Period. Once you reach a new membership level you can keep earning more Base Points to reach an even higher level. Once you reach a new level you will keep that level for the current AND following Qualification Period.

For example, your Qualification Period is September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.
You earn 45.000 Base Points by February 2019 and reach Gold status.
You will now keep Gold until August 31, 2020.

Your Base Points never decrease until they reset at the end of your Qualification Period (they cannot be “spent”) and spending Extra Points does not affect the number of Base Points that you have.

Extra Points

You earn Extra Points by flying (see Base Points above), shopping in partner stores, renting cars, staying at hotels, or using a SAS branded credit card.

10.000 SEK spend with SAS MasterCard Premium earns 1.500 points
10.000 SEK spend with SAS Amex Elite earns 2.000 points

The best way to spend Extra Points is to book award flights with SAS or Star Alliance.

A round-trip to London with SAS starts at 30.000 points
A round-trip to Tokyo in Go with SAS costs at 60.000 points
A round-trip to Tokyo in Business with SAS costs 100.000 points
A round-trip to Singapore Airlines in First Class cost 225.000 points

You can also spend your Extra Points by bidding for upgrades using Plusgrade. The more you bid (using money or points) the higher the chance is that you will receive an upgrade. Of course this also depends on how full the flight is.

Note that your Extra Points expire after 4 years if not used. However, if you are a EuroBonus Diamond member then your points never expire as long as you retain your membership level.

Credit Cards

As shown above, credit cards are a great way to earn free Extra Points for every 100 kr that you spend. The number of points varies by card. There are also other benefits such as travel insurance, fraud protection, and award flight discounts (see 2-for-1 Vouchers and FlyPremium below).

There are 2 main SAS branded credit card providers:

You can also earn points using the non-SAS branded Amex cards (such as Amex Gold or Amex Platinum). With these cards you earn Amex Membership Rewards instead. However, these can be converted to SAS EuroBonus Extra Points.

SAS EuroBonus MasterCard

Earn Extra Points for every 100 kr you spend. The Platinum card also gives you a monthly 1.000 Base Point bonus and access to Fly Premium. Both cards offer a one-time Extra Points welcome bonus.

SAS EuroBonus MasterCard Premium

SAS EuroBonus MasterCard

SAS EuroBonus Amex

Earn Extra Points for every 100 kr you spend. The Elite card also gives you a yearly 20.000 Base Point bonus, which guarantees you EuroBonus Silver status. All cards offer 2-for-1 Vouchers. You also receive a large Extra Points welcome bonus when signing up for a card using a referral.

SAS EuroBonus Amex Elite

SAS EuroBonus Amex Premium

SAS EuroBonus Amex Classic

2-for-1 Vouchers

You can earn 2-for-1 Vouchers with Amex cards. This lets you book a SAS or Star Alliance award flight at half the price for up to 2 people (hence the name 2-for-1).


With SAS MasterCard Premium you get access to FlyPremium. This lets you book SAS award flights in Plus or Business for the price of Go. Your FlyPremium perks depend on how many points you earned during the last 12 months (rolling).



Here is a complete worked example:

Activity Base Points Extra Points
You sign up for a EuroBonus account on September 15, 2018. 0 0
You sign up for a SAS Amex Elite Card with a referral sign up bonus. The Elite card also gives you a yearly 20.000 Base Point bonus (giving you EuroBonus Silver status). +20.000 =20.000 +18.000 =18.000
You fly round-trip in Go to Tokyo +4.800 =24.800 +4.800 =22.800
You fly round-trip in Plus to London +3.000 =27.800 +3.000 =25.800
You use your SAS Amex Elite card for your monthly shopping and other purchases. If you spend more than 150.000 SEK you get a 2-for-1 voucher - =27.800 +40.000 =65.800
You book an award flight to Tokyo for 2 people using your 2-for-1 voucher (you do not earn points for award flights). - =27.800 -60.000 =5.800
Your qualification period ends August 31, 2019, which resets your Base Points, but you of course keep your Extra Points. -27.800 =0 - =5.800

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